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Design/Build Services

Current research indicates that up to thirty percent of all construction projects are procured through the Design/Build method.  In this concept, owners contract with a single entity, the Design/Builder, who in turn hires the other members of the design and engineering team.  This provides full construction services under one contract and ensures all members of the team share one common goal.

The team works from day one to determine the owner’s requirements, methods and materials and the best construction value.  Having one specialized group coordinating all phases of the project saves the owner valuable time and money. The end result of the team approach used by TOLAR CONSTRUCTION, LLC. is a process with a single point of accountability and a project with the lowest possible cost completed in the least amount of time.

At TOLAR CONSTRUCTION, LLC. we believe a team approach allows us to share our knowledge and experience early in the design process.  As a result, the client receives quality project completed in a minimum amount of time at the lowest possible cost.  We look forward to an opportunity to discuss a customized design/build solution for your next project.

Benefits Of The Design/Build Approach

Team Work

  • Clients have a single source of responsibilities.

  • Client’s needs are developed with builder and architect, thus maximizing trends and practices.

  • Trade involvement in the pre-construction phase helps coordinate design with practical means and methods.

  • No more adversarial relationships.


  • Builder is identified at project start.

  • Fast-track bid packages allow start of construction prior to final drawings completion.


  • Single-source responsibility allows controlled predetermined budget.

  • Subcontractor’s involvement in plans ensures best value for material selection.

  • The bid process and its costs are eliminated. The reduced project schedule reduces construction financing and administration costs and allows the product to be utilized at an earlier time frame.